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Hi ✨
I am Kamila
and I try to fit 67 hrs in one day without skipping my beauty sleep.


👩‍💻 design
🧪 research
🚀 run Lakmoos

 Less guesswork, more insight! 

Many hats, one mission:
I enjoy connecting the dots and bringing structure to chaos.
I love exploring how people think, feel, and behave.
I love applying this knowledge too.

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 I design services 

I map the needs, behaviours, and worries of your clients and suggest ideas to help your business thrive. Applied behavioural science and design thinking get the job done.

​In the past 5 years, I've run 20+ projects for startups, VCs, and corporates. The most notable one was probably Nestlé. After that, I did consulting for The Nature Conservancy to clear my karma.

- in-depth interviews
- e-thnography
- magic with stats

- ads
- prototypes
- guidelines

20220209_103724 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

- jobs-to-be-done
- customer journeys
- behaviour maps

 I research human behaviour 

My degrees are in Psychology and Anthropology. Both tracks were research-heavy, so I have both quali and quanti methods covered.

I started publishing as an undergrad.
First author, peer-reviewed journals, original research.
In fact, I won a national research competition when I was 16.
(It's nothing grand but it's honest work.)

 Current research interest 
- innovation
- network analysis
- niche methods


 I run a tech startup 


I founded Lakmoos in 2022.
We aim to automate innovation using AI.

Companies make cheap ideas expensive.
Innovators are discouraged by random decision-making.

Test all ideas and fast-track only the best of them for prototyping. Provide data for assessing and comparing ideas.

We make sure companies never miss a good idea again.


 Let's talk! 

I oficially do not accept new clients right now.
But... there must be offers I can't resist.

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