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Hi ✨
I am Kamila
and I try to fit 67 hrs in one day without skipping my beauty sleep.


👩‍💻 design
🧪 research
🚀 run Lakmoos

 Less guesswork, more insight! 

Many hats, one mission:
I enjoy connecting the dots and bringing structure to chaos.
I love exploring how people think, feel, and behave.
I love applying this knowledge too.

Kamila Zahradníčková

 I design services 

I map the needs, behaviours, and worries of your clients and suggest ideas to help your business thrive. Applied behavioural science and design thinking get the job done.

​In the past 5 years, I've run 20+ projects for startups, VCs, and corporates. The most notable one was probably Nestlé. After that, I did consulting for The Nature Conservancy to clear my karma.

- in-depth interviews
- e-thnography
- magic with stats

- ads
- prototypes
- guidelines

20220209_103724 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

- jobs-to-be-done
- customer journeys
- behaviour maps

 I research human behaviour 

My degrees are in Psychology and Anthropology. Both tracks were research-heavy, so I have both quali and quanti methods covered.

I started publishing as an undergrad.
First author, peer-reviewed journals, original research.
In fact, I won a national research competition when I was 16.
(It's nothing grand but it's honest work.)

 Current research interest 
- innovation
- network analysis
- niche methods

Kamila Zahradnickova

 I run a tech startup 


Imagine 20 brilliant GenZ brains boosting behavioural science with AI. We just crunch customer-related numbers better than anyone else.

In Lakmoos, we are on a mission to replace 20 % of surveys with real-time consumer insights by 2030, saving $30B and 35B hours globally each year.

By reducing reliance on traditional surveys, we enable businesses to extract actionable insights faster and more accurately, ultimately paving the shortest path to the ideal client and optimising product portfolios. 


 Let's talk! 

I oficially do not accept new clients right now.
But... there must be offers I can't resist.

Kamila Zahradnickova
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