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 Meet me 

I am an interdisciplinary innovator, running my independent consulting since 2020. Bridging academia and business, I apply findings of human nature to secure your success - be it through marketing, strategy, service design or customer experience.


My academic endeavours have been recognised by Masaryk University Award for Extraordinary Achievements and two theses recommended for publication, completing my education in Psychology and Social anthropology.


Powered by the fear of mediocrity, I strive for reaching excellence in my work. I need to produce value, look back after each project and see my contribution to my client's success. In the past three years, my professional development has been boosted by numerous clients who took their chances and hoped for the best. As my testimonials witness, I have proven to be a dark horse worth betting on.


I thrive in a fast-paced, ambitious environment, which makes startups and innovation hubs my favourite clients. I am especially fond of projects fostering social impact and sustainability.

PDF resumé available on demand

 CV highlights 

2021: the one with startups

  • speaker at the Freelance Business Month

  • three research articles in publication

  • co-creating marketing campaign with Ogilvy Czech

2020: the one with covid

  • consultant at YANI Research Hub, NI, UK

  • independent researcher at Stride Experience Labs

  • Masaryk University Stipends: Awards for extraordinary achievements

2019: the one in marketing

  • innovative recruitment manuals sold to the VW Group

  • behavioural interview certification

  • VAC assessor for SKODA AUTO


  • expert internship at the European Parliament, 2018

  • director's Award for Excellent Representation, 2017

  • Youth Research Competition national award, 2016 & 2018

Knowing how people think, feel, and behave is knowing how to reach excellence.

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