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Kamila Zahradnickova il.kamila.portfolio(at)gmail.com


business ID 09245511

Czechia (EU)


i see creativity

through the lense of science.

I thrive in situations that require proactive approach, strategic thinking, creativity, and autonomy.

I get easily excited about my work and I need to deliver results to be happy with my performance.

Evidence provided below.



My expert internship at European Parliament involved amendments for the European Globalization Adjustment Fund.


The furthest place that bears footprints of my work is India (6,091 km direct route from Brno to Aurangabad).


My most successful work project on Assessment and Development Centres complies with guidelines of 

the British Psychological Society.


I embrace the importance of personal development projects. Currently I am polishing my entrepreneur skills as a freelancer.


My university education covers two separate degrees, Psychology and Anthropology. 

My talent DNA

(Clifton StrengthFinder Top Five)​


Executive advantage. I work hard and never give up easily. I need to be productive and create meaningful things in my life. Great news for you: I am driven to pursue excellence in our projects.


Strategic talent. I have a great desire to learn and need to continuously improve. I take a day off each week to improve my soft or hard skills. To be able to perform even better than the week before.


Influence-focused. Transforming good stuff to great stuff. And taking great stuff all the way up to brilliant. What this means for your projects? I never waste your potential. Or mine.


Strategic talent. Simply put, I love ideas and I take great pleasure in connecting the dots for you. This is the basic pillar of creativity and strategic thinking. Bringing structure, innovating.


Strategic talent. Just letting you know that I put a lot of thought into my activity and my design is rarely obvious. I live for ellegant solutions that are based on elaborate thought.

about me

Kamila Zahradnickova

e. il.kamila.portfolio@gmail.com

t. +420-774-848-980

business id. 09245511

currently based in Czechia, EU  


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