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summary for busy people

I'm Kamila and I do behavioural design.

I begun mapping how people think, feel and behave at

 Masaryk University (CZ) 

 Queen's University (UK) 

 Erasmus University (NL)

and started publishing original research as an undergrad.

But academia felt too slow.

So I discovered corporate research with tools like

 customer journey 

 stakeholder mapping 


I strive for impact and application. I need to move fast.

I love defining problems, just as I adore finding solutions.

Design thinking methods feel just about right. I emphasize

 robust methodology 





I'm a behavioural designer, leveraging behavioural science to boost your products and marketing. I solve customer-related questions by applying research on perception, motivation, and decision making.

I am willing to sacrifice a lot for my dreams. And my dreams are huge. I want to make impact.


I love to know. I love to discover all the ways people think. Have you ever tried to explore what people label as "normal"? So fascinating. 

I am always the person questioning the method or conclusions. I adore rigorous methodology and take (maybe too) great pleasure in exposing poor methodology.

Another thing I love is applying knowledge. I am a fan of the practical things in life. Again, my goal is to make an impact, not a google doc. 

One of the great joys of my life is connecting the dots. And bringing structure to chaos.

I am a self-diagnosed overachiever. I thrive under constant mild pressure, and my day is never boring. I publish research, study, teach, create, and the best thing is, it all fits together.

This is a long way of saying: You really want me in your team.

This year, I'm especially happy about:

  • publishing two peer-reviewed research articles

  • launching my first startup Lakmoos

  • co-founding Czech Behavioural Science Network

On a less serious note, here are some of my guilty pleasures:


🐕  Have you heard of "tiny dog spotting"? Tiny doggos always cheer me up and I sometimes go for a walk just to spot some cuteness on the street.

🔬 I love reading (and writing) research articles. I actually printed my first one on a mug.


👟 Since covid, I've been wearing sneakers 99 % of the time because my feet are too precious to be tortured in heels. Sorry not sorry.


CV highlights

2021: the one with startups 🚀

  • speaker at the Freelance Business Month

  • finished degrees in Psychology and Anthropology

  • co-creating marketing campaign with Ogilvy Czech

2020: the one with WFH 🦠

  • consultant at YANI Research Hub, NI, UK

  • independent researcher at Stride Experience Labs

  • Masaryk University Stipends: Awards for extraordinary achievements

2019: the one in marketing 👩‍💻

  • innovative recruitment manuals sold to the VW Group

  • behavioural interview certification

  • VAC assessor for SKODA AUTO

TOP three before 2019 🦖

  • expert internship at the European Parliament, 2018

  • director's Award for Excellent Representation, 2017

  • Youth Research Competition national award, 2016 & 2018



Although I am still trying to polish my public speaking skills, many institutions couldn't wait to learn more about my field.

I present applied behavioural science at freelance events (Freelance Business Month), universities (Newton University), and business communities (Impact Hub).

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