kamila zahradnickova
Hello, I am a
behavioural designer

I create products, services and marketing strategies on a firm foundation
of behavioural science*

*research exploring how people think, feel, and behave (e.g. motivation, attention, decision-making)

 design powered by behavioural science 
 behavioural design 

Intuition is good, but often biased. That's when evidence-based design steps in. Whether you want to test your business idea or create a new brand loyalty program, knowledge of consumer behaviour brings better results with lower investment. Let's leverage research on motivation, perception, and decision-making to boost your business. I find solutions to customer-related questions for:


Which USPs should we present first?

How to lower attrition rates in our app?

Who should be our early adopters?


How to target and relate to our audience?

How to make our service more appealing?

How to create an irresistible proposition?


How can we improve customer experience?

How can we make a user-friendly website?

What kind of brand should we build?

 Explore my projects 

Startup incubator

Working as a temporary in-house expert in Joyspot Solutions, Brno Technology Accelerator, my main task was to ensure implementation of behavioural insights into welltech and fintech apps, conduct primary reserach, and design user testing.

My topics included: nudge, mood management, user profiling, neurological brain stimulation, gamification, work engagement, pro-social behaviour, and more.

In marketing, I focused on marketing communication and user flow in the apps. In cooperation with Ogilvy Czech, we aimed to target 70% of the nation and bring more than 400 000 000 USD to senior citizens.

behavioural science

My academic background revolves around research in psychology and social anthropology. I have always cherished connecting the dots among various disciplines that examine how people think, feel, and behave.

applied to business

I seek to leverage opportunities and maximize your profits. Academic insights find application in business and government. Use behavioural insights to help people and build successful business.

 work with me 
kamila zahradnickova kamila zahradníčková

I can become a temporary in-house member of your team, dedicating up to three days a week to your projects.


If you are looking for an external consultant or need advice on a specific situation, I put aside 10 hours every week to handle these tasks too.


Reach out, I will be happy to talk design!


Start small and book a workshop first. Once we spend some time together, we'll see if I am a good fit for your projects.