kamila zahradnickova
 behavioural design 
for marketing and product

I apply research on motivation, perception and decision-making to boost your business.

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website (re)design
layout, content, visuals

 app screens 

user onboarding
for apps (Figma)

 insights pack 

10-page data pack
with ready-to-use insights


ad campaign
online and offline

popular deliverables
 you can't read minds 
but I can get you pretty close
 Stop Guessing 
check your intuition, lower your risk

Thinking is not knowing. Get data to show the right direction. Good choices are never based on solitary opinion of one decision-maker.
 precise targeting 
Stop waisting resources on *everyone*

Understanding habits, moods and goals of your target groups helps you create campaigns and product that resonate with your audience.
 tailor experience 
Understand motivations and optimise

Make it easy for your clients to become loyal and spread the word about your service. Discover what they think makes you unique. Perception matters.

 the powerful duo 
Besci + HCD

Behavioural science

captures universal tendencies.

Review existing academic research, trend reports, stats and public data to understand general sentiment.

Human-centred design

solves your unique challenge.

Understand your unique target group with in-depth interviews, user research & iterations, facilitated workshops.


You are in a hurry and can't wait for months. Startup hassle is nothing rare around here. Let's go!


You need actionable insights, not data in tables. You get practical guidance for actions, not a theoretical lecture.

 all in one 

You want a website, not wireframes. I cooperate with experts in other fields to deliver ready-to-use solutions.

 I solve people-related questions 
go to market
product-market fit
ad campaign

What USPs should we advertise first?

Do people understand our benefits?

Who is our ideal client?

How do we capture our identity on website?

What problems do our clients want to solve?

Why do clients prefer us to our competition?

 1,5 month 

Leveraging intention-behaviour gap to promote green energy 

 1 month 

New website for a Prague-based investment group

product design
user retention
customer experience

How can we boost loyalty?

How do we double our user base?

What feature are the users missing the most?

 3,5 months 

Gamification and nudge in fintech app for senior citizens

kamila zahradnickova kamila zahradníčková
get affordable insights

I enjoy cooperating with innovators and disruptors. This is why my rates are affordable for SME and startups.

Usual projects cost 2 - 15k EUR, depending on duration and complexity. The average (wo)manday fee is 650 EUR.

I had a pleasure to work with Kamila on an event project where she demonstrated how resourceful, talented and professional she is in her line of work. Always responsive and on time!

Elina Jutelyte, CEO @ Endo-Exo and Senior Event Consultant
event management