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less guesswork

more insight

Understand what makes your clients tick through

applied behavioural science and human-centred design

and level up your business:

precise ads

fine-tuned brands

loyal clients


Boost your business

with behavioural design

Grow faster, target smarter and sell better. As a curious researcher and designer, I create strategies that help innovative companies thrive. My favourite tools include nudge, COM-B model, and gamification.

ads & campaigns


market research


customer experience


Which USPs should go first?

Is our brand easy to recognise?


78 % target group associate investment with high risk. Communicate protecting money against inflation instead of investment.

Get valuable insights

or ready-to-use products

I often team up with other experts to create the end-product you need for better marketing or customer experience: websites, billboards, Mailchimp campaigns.

Top deliverables in 2021:

  • website (copy, visuals, layout)

  • large-print banners

  • 10-page data pack

  • onboarding screens

Enjoy fast, practical and budget-friendly approach

Startup hassle is nothing rare around here. You need actionable insights, not data in tables. Get practical guidance for actions that you can use for go-to-market strategy, product communication or onboarding.

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You can't read their minds,

But I can get you pretty close

I am an interdisciplinary innovator, running my independent consulting since 2020. Bridging academia and business, I apply findings of human nature to secure your success - be it through marketing, strategy, service design or customer experience. I thrive in a fast-paced, ambitious environment, which makes startups and innovation hubs my favourite clients. I am especially fond of projects fostering social impact and sustainability.

This year, I'm especially happy about:

  • publishing two peer-reviewed research articles

  • launching my first startup Lakmoos

  • co-founding Czech Behavioural Science Network

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Kamila Zahradnickova

Psychology, Anthropology

Rotterdam, NL, EU

De-bias your intuition

with robust methodology

Behavioural science

captures universal tendencies.

Academic research

Trend reports

Stats and public data

Human-centred design

solves your unique challenge.

In-depth interviews

User research & iterations

Facilitated workshops


get affordable insights

I enjoy cooperating with SMEs, startups and scaleups. That's why I keep my prices affordable for all kinds of disruptors. The usual projects cost 2 - 15k EUR, depending on duration and complexity.

Let's refine your value proposition, improve messaging and target your niche!