kamila zahradnickova
i apply behavioural
insights to business

to inform your decisions
to boost your marketing
to raise your profits

Behavioural science.


My academic background revolves around research in psychology and social anthropology. I always cherished connecting the dots among various disciplines that examine how people think, feel, and behave.

Applied to business.

I seek to leverage opportunities and maximize your profits. Academic insights find application in business and government. Use behavioural insights to help people and build successful business.

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Feel good, do good.

As Head of Science in Happygram, my main task is to ensure implementation of behavioural insights into our welltech app, conduct primary reserach, and design user testing.

My topics include: nudge, mood management, psychological user profiling, neurological brain stimulation, gamification, work engagement, pro-social behaviour, and more.

How do we stimulate brain using audiovisual material?
How can we raise emplyee engagement through our app?
What is our target audience, and how to approch them?

ongoing project

Account for the human element at the receiving end of your product.

Your product might be a brilliant solution to any technical, financial, or scienfitic problem, but still may fail to make a significant impact. Let´s add a dash of behavioural science, mix it with your expertise, and build an efficient strategy. If your service or product needs to interact with people, you will benefit from the support of behavioural science.

innovation & ux research
content & visual marketing
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kamila zahradnickova kamila zahradníčková

Temporary in-house.

My performance peaks when I interact with my colleagues three days a week. I want to become a fellow member of your team, and use the exclusitivity to treat your project with utmost care and attention. Duration of these projects may range from 6 to 20 months.
Next opening: July 2023

External consultant.

Every week I put aside 10 hours for consulting external projects. My clients are provided with:

  • strategy overview for campaigns,

  • guidelines for branding, copy and design,

  • wireframes for new websites, etc.

Next opening: November 2021

Hourly rate: 40 - 50 EUR excl. VAT