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So you have just read about the WHY on the homepage. Now it´s time to dive into the technical aspects of behavioural design! Discover what you can get to achieve your goals. Find out more about my education and experience. Get ready for the next steps, look into what you can expect if you decide to get in touch with me.

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Modern copywriting is the art of matching your values and marketing goals with what we know about your target audience.

Motivate and influence your clients.

I encourage you to never settle for text that is just nice to read. This is too risky - and the cost might be too high. That’s why I base all my work on modern behavioural science (psychology, anthropology, economics) and best practices for designing a better customer experience. My approach is holistic as well as evidence-based, focused on matching my creative outputs with your priorities.

I will get your message across.

graphic design.

Great customer experience sells. Design a unique visual experience according to time-tested research in perception, memory, and attention.

Move past what you like and don´t like.

Use these three critera instead:

1. functional. 

Pretty is not enough.

2. distinctive.

Design establishes identity.

3. simple.

Sophisticated, never overwhelming.

I design all sorts of visuals from prints to digital for effective sales and extra comfort, building trust and influence with your customers.


Your brand is so much more than a logo. It´s your whole identity. Every brand needs a structure, to define its values, its visual elements, as well as the marketing strategy.

I will make sure your clients trust your brand and feel comfortable during their experience with you. Customer-centered approach is key differentiator in today´s saturated market. Pamper you client, lead their attention, make them trust your vision.

What is the main advantage of using multidisciplinary approach? You get the best out of design, copy, behavioural science, client research and testing in one package.

ad campaigns


content marketing

digital marketing

innovation strategies

visual identity & CI


full service in creativity and strategy

all in one place

Copy, design & strategy.

Your visuals need to have purpose and help you achieve your general marketing goals. Just as your text does. Your communication always has form and content. Let´s not break this unity. Strategic approach allows you to see the big picture and make effective decisions.

Behavioural science.

Don´t spend your resources on reinventing the wheel. Use time-tested elements that are based on evidence. Use what works. Psychology gets you in the head of your clients, anthropology in minds of cultures.

win their loyalty

Multi-disciplinary perspective.

I want to offer you the best practises related to creativity and strategy in marketing. To deliver the full package, I search for extraordinary connections between design and academic research. Here are some of the percpectives that are always present when I am dealing with my projects:


Aesthetics, creativity. 

Non-formal education 2020: logo design course by Sagi Haviv, Advertising and Creativity masterclass by Goodby & Silverstein.

Creativity percentile: 97

canva icon.png


Influence, motivation.

Cialdini supported my copy research in 2017, and I have been exploring the endless possibilities of writing ever since! 

Cambridge Proficiency in English



Customer comfort.

I successfully finished the essential training by This is Service Design Doing and Co-Creation School. Additional education in facilitation.

Currently innovating for Stride XL



Adding structured framework.

Multidisciplinary activities, branding, communication strategies. See my profile in a curated directory for EU freelancers to learn more.

Creativy & strategy at one place.



Hyper-relevant skills.

Quality and time-tracking for each project. I spend more than 8 hours every week working on entrepreneurial skills to improve your experience.

Clifton StrengthsFinder 1st: Achiever


Fresh research in behaviour.

Psychology and Anthropology. My research in social psychology made it to final selection in National Youth Research Competition in 2018.

Psychology & Anthropology


the "who"




Let´s talk design and see where I can help you achieve your professional goals. There are some areas I have no intent to cultivate in my portfolio: political content or ethically problematic sectors. You can be sure that I understand the responsibility for you put in my hands and I will not let you walk away with a Comic Sans form. If you are looking for a balanced partnership, this is it.

My hourly rate ranges from 35 to 50 EUR according to the specifics of each project.

It´s ok if you don´t have a precise project description yet, I often help my clients to formulate what exactly they need to get more clients or improve their public image.

Don´t worry, I will walk you through this part and make sure you will get what you need.

Here are some common pain points I help to solve:

Noone knows what we do.

My brand needs a facelift.

Can we get rid of visual pollution?

I need both text and design.

I want to use what works. Evidence-based sounds perfect.

Too much text. Need to declutter.

It should fit in with our current identity.

Full service is just easier.

We are desperate for something new and fresh!




We will explore what you need, why you need it, what are your expectations and what is the scope of the project. Let´s also set up your preferences on communication channels and find out how much you want to be involved. Most of my clients prefer Google Meet + e-mail communication, sending me relevant material, and participating in the briefing and final feedback call.



description, needs, scope, budget, timeline, context



involvement, communication channels, reports



style preferences,​

tone of voice,

existing branding




NEW in 2021: I offer you a semi-automated briefing session that you can go through anytime and for free. Get in touch to find out more!

Just sit back and relax. In the meantime, I will be working restlessly to deliver the perfect result. I usually start with research and take it all the way from academic paper into practice.

Discover some of my methods on my blog - and start using them too!









We both crave for the perfect fit. All major projects come with a feedback session and one hour of changes free of charge. I want to hear your opinion and make sure I don´t miss any detail. 



E-mail, online presentation, Google Drive folder, you name it. The final step is delivering the final version of our project, invoicing and getting feedback on our cooperation. Yes, I am at the beginning of my professional journey and your feedback is an integral part of my career growth.

Recommendations are also highly appreciated. Over 21 clients recommended my work in 2020. Join them on LinkedIn or to help other people with their decisions.

"Kamila is exceptionally talented and diligent. As a member of my project team, she was a guarantee of flawless results, great communication, and creative insights along with innovative ideas. I have learned a lot from her."

the "how"


most popular in 2020

favourite starting point



Corporate identity, visual branding, anything to make your brand memorable and unique.



typeface (fonts)


colour palette

from 500 EUR



Immersive presentation for freelancers, consultants, solo-preneurs and small businesses.

visual identity


custom website



from 980 EUR



See if your current clients experience comfort or chaos. No strings attached.

pain points




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130 EUR

Have a heart full of wishes and three minutes to spare?

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