Enjoy this selection of five recent projects showcasing my skills and approach. Browse the case studies to learn how behavioural science can be helpful in various settings. My work usually contributes to the teams in marketing, product/service design, UX research, customer experience, and innovation.


product design

The fintech and social impact project has already discovered forgotten funds worth 15 million EUR. The app received national media coverage both in the press and online.

  • Using mood management to boost user retention

  • Providing behavioural insights for a media campaign

  • Conducting in-depth interviews and polling to get the USPs

  • Deploying user profiling for designing a senior-friendly app

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service design

I contributed to three projects as a researcher and service designer in Stride Experience Labs. Starting as a mentored designer, I got a chance to run a project at the end of my contract.

  • Researching green consumer behaviour

  • Performing qualitative insight data analysis

  • Designing script for standardized interviewing

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Full service up to IT implementation. I provided services in consulting, communication strategy, graphic design, and copywriting to create a flawless user experience.

  • Preparing strategy​ that reflects the latest BehSci trends

  • Identifying key barriers and challenges in communication

  • Securing graphic design and copywriting

  • Contributing to reaching KPIs

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Brand identity

Reflecting on the latest BehSci insights in design, I created materials needed for successful marketing and capturing experience for an online event. In future similar projects, I would like to enrich the visual design with user research and first identify the needs of target groups and test my prototypes.

  • Applying BehSci in graphic design and copywriting

  • Creating full-stack event marketing visuals

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Innovating recruitment of new employees, I was entrusted with a team of experts to create licensed manuals for assessment centres. We are proud to share that VW Group purchased twelve manuals within the first pilot testing weeks.

  • Leading a team of five experts

  • Adopting design thinking methodology

  • Already translated into two languages

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 REad testimonials
web aurélie.jpg

Easy to work with, challenging point of views, and perfect implementation. Kamila is available and responsive and has a bright future ahead with her skillset and mindset. I definitely recommend her.

Aurélie Peters, CEO @ AdGrafics, Founder @ Artegiani
marketing and communication

Her way of thinking, creativity, psychological insights as well as her sense of design brought results that exceeded all my expectations. The quality is professional, and the new materials guide our potential clients step by step to action. Communication with Kamila was flawless and quick. Deadlines and all our agreements were met on time.

Jiri Jemelka, CEO @ JIP PRO FIRMY
interim management

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