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Case Study I

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

What you write is not what your client reads. Especially online. Modern reading tendencies reflect modern lifestyle: we want to get to information fast. Your readers skip from titles to quotes, pick bits of information they find convenient, and move on. Both design and research in behavioural science, such as psychology or cultural anthropology, can provide solutions.

When Research Meets Behavioural Science: Case Study

An international hotel wanted to address low engagement and distrust in management. They wanted to collect data before training to help their staff with their everyday struggles.

What we knew from the research:

  • People notice emotions.

  • People remember things they can relate to.

  • People read in chunks and skip big paragraphs.

  • People are easily put off by many words.

  • Generation X works with technology.

What we found out in a behavioural interview:

  • Employees have to deal with rude clients often.

  • Employees feel frustrated that their voice is not heard.

  • Most employees belong to Gen X.

  • The only way to access the employees is printed material.

  • This poster will on a busy notice board.

My task was to design a poster that would be bold enough to be seen, relatable enough to built trust, and compelling enough to generate action. This is the final design that won us an almost 70% return rate.

behavioural design

Smart Design

The interplay of functional design and smart text is crucial. If you want to target your audience with precision, you have to know what keeps them up at night and why they choose to leave the comfort of their bed every morning. Behavioural science can provide a preliminary assessment of your target group and find ways to capture their attention.

If you want to learn more about behavioural science in business and marketing, google Robert Cialdini and read about his work. He belongs to the most cited professionals in psychology and the most friendly writers too. Dr. Cialdini supported my research in 2016 and I have been much obliged to him ever since.

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