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Three cases,

one approach.

Every website is unique. That's why I chose three cases to show the variety and tiny details 🕵️‍♀️ that create the experience.




How to communicate a politically loaded topic?

How to gain the trust of people and families?

What are the barriers to new tech in financial services?

As a completely new service, we had to build our intel from the ground up, since there was no material to audit in the first place. We had to start from scratch and dive into a field with 20+ hypotheses about our customers. Polling and interviews helped us a ton! Then we checked how well we implemented our insights during user testing with testers aged 16 - 78, and I have to admit that testing an online app with Grandmas was 💯!


My insights laid the groundwork for a nationwide ad campaign coordinated by Ogilvy Czech.

Portfolio case studies 3.0-3.png




How to motivate the right people to reach out?

What worries do founders have? How do we react?

How detailed the description of our approach should be?

With a limited budget for market research, we had to rely mainly on public data and academic research. Although we were lucky and the new website seems to contribute to reaching clients' KPIs, I experienced quite a stressful time having insufficient data sets to build my case.

Portfolio case studies 3.0-2.png

happy clients ✨

"Kamila proved to be exceptionally gifted and diligent. As a member of my project team, she was a guarantee of flawless results, great communication, and creative insights along with innovative ideas."


Zuzana Zboray,

business owner

"Easy to work with, challenging points of view, and perfect implementation."

web aurélie.jpg

Aurélie Peters, CEO at Artegiani and AdGrafics

communication and design

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interior designers 👩‍💻



How to capture our brand identity?
How might we show our approach?

Which kind of website would reflect our growth?

Our extensive research paid off. Although Space Refinery had collected reviews and feedback entries before, new insights helped us to validate the assumptions and say the right thing at the right time. Besides interviews and surveys, we organized two half-day workshops for their clients to share their first-hand experiences and map their situation with minimum bias.

This project also broke a record in terms of iterations. We ended up with more than 25 wireframes of one page in Figma! The result is well worth the extra work 💖

Portfolio case studies 3.0.png


completed projects


year of my first project

happy days ahead 🤩

After launching my first startup Lakmoos in June 2022, I scaled down to keep the quality of my services. That's why I no longer prioritize projects in other design-related fields:

- innovation (such as my project for the VW Group in 2019)

- service design (like the cooperation with Stride XL in 2020)

- product development (just as I did for Brno Technology Accelerator in 2021)

🧭 Want to know more about my past projects beyond web design?

Feel free to download my portfolio showcasing some of my previous projects here. And if you are confident about your irresistible offer, let's talk and make it work.

Let's create something unique together.

I'm genuinely curious about what you expect from your new website.

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