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Six steps to your

new website

Explore the journey 🧭 from an idea to a complete website:

brief, audit, research, design, testing, and hand-over.


creative brief 🎯

Set the goal


Why do you need a new website in the first place? Let's talk about your strategic goals and plans for the project.

Besides the usual trio WHAT HOW WHEN I'm especially curious about:
- How well do you understand your clients?
- What kind of data you have been using to understand them?
- Which brands and websites do you like or, on the other hand, find repulsive/absurd/simply bad?

As an innovator, you probably don't have much time. No worries, I'm very much used to the fast pace of the startup world. This is reflected in flexibility and project planning. We'll also set check-in points to keep us on track and schedule our meetings.

website PFL-2_edited.png

material audit 📚

Review & reuse


Chances are, you already know a thing or two about your clients. Perfect, let's use it! There's no time to reinvent the wheel.

On the other hand, it's important to check your assumptions. Intuition is good but can become very risky if labelled as knowledge or data. I'll review what you already know about your target group. What you actually KNOW, not what you think you know!


I am curious to see your clients' feedback and reviews, and data from previous UX research if available. I'll also look into relevant academic research and public data specific to your field to know the needs and habits.


market research 📈



Which of our 25 USPs should go on top of the website?

Sometimes it's hard to make decisions with limited data. So let's get more insight!

I need to talk to your (prospective) clients to understand their specific needs and attitudes. Interviews, workshops, and surveys usually fill in the missing pieces. I am especially fond of co-creation techniques and I often invite my clients' clients to a workshop. That way we reduce bias and make sure the real users have a say in what's next.

🎯 Most companies recycle insights from this step to create better ads, prioritize product development, and create better customer journeys.

Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 19.22.04.png

prototyping 👷‍♀️

Design & create


Choose from up to three website mock-ups. I take care of the layout, visuals, and content. We'll set regular check-in points to keep your perspective in the design process.

This is the "real" designer work when things start to shape up. I often work closely with my clients to make sure I'm heading in the right direction. The new website needs to be functional as well as pretty. There are usually 17+ mockup frames for every single page, and I'm not even counting iterations that come after the user testing!

During our 2-4 check-in meetings, I'll explain my line of thoughts and we'll review the key decisions. For more complex visuals (e.g. motion design) I usually suggest inviting more experts.

🤷  "Will we like the style?" I hear you asking. Yes, I've built websites that I didn't find pretty but my clients did. Your taste is what decides. (As long as the website is consistent with branding and easy to use.)

Modern Senior Woman

user testing + iterations  💁

Get feedback


Skipping user testing is gambling on your website's success. I don't play roulette with my client's future. 

Let's ask people what they think and get their perspectives:

- Is the website easy to navigate and understand?

-Does your tagline resonate with the target group?


Basic user testing saves you money. Why? It helps to catch what does not sit well with your target group and gives you time to iterate before you spend money on coding. I usually interview 7-9 people, half an hour each, and let them comment on the new website. 

Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 19.24.47.png

final design ✨

Turn over to build


We'll do the final review of the pages in Figma. This is when your web developer takes over.

At this point, your new website looks like a real one, only none of the buttons works. I'll be happy to meet your web developer and explain the concept to avoid possible confusion.

Grow faster, target smarter,

sell better.

The ultimate web design package includes research and user testing.  Let's talk and see if I'm a good match 🧩 for your business.

Schedule a 30min call for free.

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