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Young People at a Workshop


 Behavioural Design for business 

 for marketinG 


 for startups

 & innovators 

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Trying to keep up with trending strategies in marketing and business?

Take your first step towards a better understanding of your customers. Knowing how your customers think, feel, and behave is the key to reaching excellence.

Applied behavioural science for startup hubs, marketing agencies, innovators and SMEs. Covering 10+ case studies, you will explore how business stars benefit from cutting-edge strategies, such as gamification, nudge or identity framework.

How does IKEA nudge people to consume sustainably? What made Nike ads so powerful? Why does Netflix use gamification features? And more importantly, how can these insights improve your business?


Roll up your sleeves and apply new knowledge right in the workshop! The workshop gives you tools to enhance a model case with behavioural science on the spot. You can also choose to work on an active case study from your company.

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Don't expect a presentation. Following the "show, don't tell" credo, this interactive workshop provides a learning experience with:

  • 10+ case studies and how can we learn from them

  • insightful exercises in small groups

  • core activity to apply your knowledge in training environment

  • reflection relating new insights to your business

Our goals? You will:

  • understand the role of behavioural design in product / service design, innovation, customer-centric business and marketing

  • see if your company would profit from behavioural design

  • learn how successful businesses leveraged behavioural science

  • get acquainted with three frameworks you can apply

  • work on a model case with your team or coworkers

kamila zahradnickova zahradníčková

The workshop is lead by Kamila Zahradnickova.

Kamila is a behavioural designer, applying behavioral science to marketing and business. She solves customer-related questions by leveraging research on perception, motivation, and decision-making. Favourite tools? Gamification, nudge, and identity framework. Kamila thrives in a fast-paced environment and is fond of social impact projects. These days, she mainly builds communication strategies and websites for startups.


 220 EUR 

Location: Rotterdam or online
Duration: 3 hrs
Participants: max. 20
With model case


 500 EUR 

Custom location
Custom duration
Custom model case

 Book your workshop 

LinkedIn: Kamila Zahradnickova

 media & social 

Posters, short and long bio, as well as template posts on social media are available on demand.


Venue: We are based in Rotterdam but don't have a suitable office. What now?
You can book an external venue in Rotterdam (e.g. coworking clubs) or choose to go online.

Location: We are based in Amsterdam. Can you visit?
Yes, if you get me a good cappuccino and travel refund.

Model case: Can we co-create solutions for our own case (e.g. marketing strategy, new product)?
Yes! I will gather the necessary data and create tailored materials for the workshop. I will suggest possible future steps afterward. The price for an on-demand workshop usually ranges from 500 to 2000 EUR.

Price: Is the listed price for one workshop or one participant?
The price is for one workshop. If you have 20 participants, one seat comes at 9 EUR / 11 EUR.

Reductions: We are in education / non-profit sector. Do we qualify for reductions?
Yes, please contact me to learn more.

COVID-19: We booked a live workshop but new restrictions prohibit live events. What now?
Don't worry, we can move online. It will be fun too.

Field: We work in a different field (e.g. government, healthcare). Can we participate? 
Soon, please contact me to find out more.

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